Its founders, Meinhard & Dorsey, were born in a small town of Switzerland in 1960 and they started by the pure hand-made techniques of the watch dials. In their early years, they learned crafts design and delicate sculptures in a small town of Switzerland and were quite famous in the district. Meinhard and Dorsey are talented watch-makers as well as happy couples; in their late years, they personally designed and made a shining watch of exquisite technique, symbolizing happiness, to their daughter, Tanaya, as her wedding gift. Under her parents’ influence, Tanaya has learned from them the excellent technique of Swiss watch-making and combined them with modern fashion and practical uses. In the summer of 1990, she created a new brand in the joint name of herself and her parents, MEDOTA, which perfectly interpreted its central concepts, the simplicity, elegance and character of male watches and luxurious vogue and ego of female watches.
Design Philsophy
MEDOTA female watches
Classic, elegant, and refined are a few qualities women have which makes women charming. Meanwhile luxurious but simple, splendidness but low-key modern style gives you unique attractiveness which is worthwhile to savor.

MEDOTA male watches
They are breaking away from masculinity and insistence for male as usual. Instead, wisdom and strength, internal and external charm, gentle and steady are the symbols for modern male.